Books By My Bedside June 2015

I seem to have powered through a whole bunch of books this month, not sure why, but it sure is inspiring the writing.  I read in an interview with Ann Voskamp the other day that when she sits down to write, if she has no words, it’s a sign that she isn’t reading enough and I agree!   In fact that statement has so helped me because I usually feel most inspired to write, right after I read, and I always felt that I was just regurgitating someone else’s inspiration, and I should get my own or not write.

I remember when I was reading Ann’s book, A Thousand Gifts, for the first time, I would often wake in the morning with the most profound thoughts in my mind, and I think should go buy another copy of that book because mine seems to have sprouted wings and flown away.  (The very next day I found a copy at a garage sale!)

I think reading, starts our mind a processing and it draws out what we think on a topic, or it causes us to pray about how we see a topic, which then in turn, possibly draws out revelation as we then write about these thoughts parallel to our lives.

deepwatersThe Scripture in Proverbs 20:5 has been coming to mind lately.

The purposes of a person’s heart are deep waters, but one who has insight draws them out. (NIV)

Hearing someone’s thoughts on a topic, quite often draws out our own thoughts, and our own words if we are writers.     So these are the books that I’ve read most recently because I’ve found them in the op-shop, and I’ve commented on each, not just about the book, but how it has inspired my own life, and words.

  1. The Half Stitched Amish Quilting Club by Wanda E. halfstitched Brunstetter

I often find Amish books all very similar but Wanda just has knack for giving them all a bit of spice, and this one was brilliant.  An Amish widow giving quilting classes in her home to the general community and I actually never guessed where it was all going, and for once I didn’t read the end first, because it wasn’t so drawn out that the middle was boring and dry.     I really loved how she drew all the characters together and yet switched between so many voices.

I’ve mentioned before that I would like to have a go at this in a fiction piece I’ve been dreaming up for years and I’m really hoping to get into that now that I’ve seen a good example of this sort  of writing, and after my little quote from Ann Voskamp above, now I’m not afraid to use words to inspire my own.     And after looking up the photo of the book to use on the blog, I just discovered that this is now a trilogy, not just a single novel, so definitely looking forward to finding the next two soon.

  1. Smith Wigglesworth – The Secret of His Power by Albert Hibbert

smithwigglesworthSomeone left this book on the table in the kitchen at church after a Bible Study so I decided to read it.  Wow, what an interesting and inspiring life Smith Wigglesworth lived, written by one of his right hand men, and yet what stood out to me was how closely Smith listened to God for solutions to problems, how much of God’s Word he had living in Him to speak wisdom into others and how much love was in his heart even though his actions could be perceived as cruel at times.

I once made a stupid statement that as Christians we all needed more Fear of the Lord and we were all just bogged down in love, and God has been proving me wrong on that one, so I’m really asking for a love revelation.

The other thing that stood out to me from this book was that even though we can be inspired by great men of faith, and we should be full of the word and love of God, we need to seek God for our destiny with Him, because we aren’t all the same.

  1. Umerited Favour by Joseph Prince

God is having me layunmeritedfavour good theology foundations in this season and this is another book He is using to do this.  The title wouldn’t normally make me pick up this book, because it could make you think of something wishy washy but it is packed full of well studied Scripture, and I believed titled as it is to make it more appealing to pick up for people who would otherwise steer well away from anything theological.

This book discusses how God defines success and not in the same way we do, and what Jesus actually accomplished on the cross and how to live in that knowledge.   It’s over 300 pages so I’m gradually working my way through it, and it takes a while to chew on each chapter.  To be honest I think I should be writing out little gems from it in my journal and probably re-reading it.

What are the books by your bedside?

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