Grooming the Next Generation For Success

I was just about to head out the door after a catch up with a friend and two of her preschool age boys.  We had been chatting about my involvement in 90 for Life, the new home based business I was involved in that was really changing my life and the lives of those around me.   In direct relation to that business opportunity we were discussing how to be faithful with money that we would earn and she asked me if I had read Dani Johnson’s, ‘Grooming the Next Generation for Success’.


I like to read parenting books and I read a lot before my baby was even born, but at the 1 year old stage, she is just starting to get to the part where she likes throwing herself on the floor when she doesn’t get what she wants, and I was getting exhausted trying to figure out what to do with her, and telling myself to get a grip on her tantrums and be persistent and consistent in dealing with them, like I’d watched Mum do with my two youngest sisters, 5 and 2.


So I started reading, and immediately this book had my attention because she was dealing with spiritual roots instead of just giving rules and regulations and routines, all of which are great, but sometimes they don’t deal with the real issues, and as an active prayer ministry gal for the past 4 years, I know that there are deeper roots in life, and how much of a difference what you are saying about your children makes.


Dani wasn’t exactly raised in a stellar environment, she was abused, her parents were on drugs, and she got herself pregnant quite early on in life. She was also homeless and depressed.

God has given her incredible revelation in this book on grooming and training children and the attitudes of their heart for success and greatness.

Ok so a few favourites inside and what I’ve started applying immediately:

What are you watching on tv?  What are the underlying messages in the cartoons your kids are watching?   This was a big one for us as kids, our tv time was strictly supervised and any shows with the occult, sexual scenes or even bad attitudes were out of the picture.

Teaching kids the Word and that if they want something, to ask God for it and expect Him to provide it.  It doesn’t matter whether you are a millionaire (like Dani is) or not, she wanted her kids to learn that God provides your needs and gives you the ability to create wealth.

Training children to not just have fun with their friends, but to have radical fun in God, changing lives, going on missions, and loving on people.  Giving them dreams, visions and goals to work towards.

My favourite has been the areas where she talks about our tongues and what we are speaking over our children.   One of the things she started doing even with her 1 year old was when they were throwing themselves on the floor or even had hurt themselves and were dramatizing the situation, she would look them in the eyes and say ‘self control’.   In this way she was speaking over them, not that they were dramatic, pathetic, sooky or any of those other things that we can sometimes say to our children, but that they were to be self controlled.    It’s actually starting to work. Somehow even without explaining what that means to my toddleratious toddler, she knows and quiets down a lot quicker.   It’s also speaking over her a fruit of the spirit, and because it’s God Word, it will not return void.


You know what, I think you should get this book!  I’m actually going to go buy myself and a few other parents a copy because it is so good!   If you want to see just how good it is, I suggest you go have a read of Dani’s other books, ‘First Steps to Wealth,’  which is a free download on her wesbite!  I tell you what I nearly did a happy dance when I saw that I could download a 300+ page book for free just for subscribing.  I think that’s the best subscription present ever!  In fact I texted the friend who had loaned me ‘Grooming’ and told her that there was another book just waiting for her to download online, and she was pretty excited too.

I’m loving Dani’s ‘First Steps to Wealth’ just as much as ‘Grooming’, in fact it’s one of those books I’m going to get the audio of so my husband who doesn’t read much, can listen to, and so that I can loan it out at church.    It’s full of practical tips and wisdom, including in business.


I’m actually hoping that Dani either comes out to Australia again soon, or that we can afford to go to the US next year and attend one of her seminars, that’s how good the book was.









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