How Not To Blog: Five Minute Friday on Monday

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It’s all out there and I’m enjoying reading about it all, listening to podcasts, tripping through tutorials and hopefully becoming a better blogger, but I don’t want to be a carbon copy of everyone else, running round in circles on a hamster wheel trying to keep up, because there’s gotta be more to life than chasing down every facebook like.

These posts, I want them to matter, and to change someone’s LIFE, not just waste their time, of which we truly have so little.


I want to put a spiritual twist on parenting, because it’s not just writing lists and baking custard, and washing dishes, it’s how we do those things and pray and believe and how we stand in God’s Word, how we live out our moments now, while someone else’s moment is torture in North Korea, starvation in Africa, and we need to remember them and Pray for them.   And for those around us, those family members who are lost and losing because they don’t have the LOVE JOY PEACE and HOPE of Glory.    I know I’m going to get some flak, because my opinion on life is a bit upside down and out there, but it needs to be . . . out there, to be read and stretch our brains a little bit further than our comfort zone.

So, there, I’ve released some words, and I’m going to release some more, linking up at Five Minute Friday where we just write whether it’s right or wrong just what comes out.

Ready? Go:

I want to release my story to you, and it’s different to everyone else’s.  I’m not a good photographer, and as for writing down a recipe, that’s positively brain taxing.  I just want to make them up and hope for the best.  I rarely use a measuring cup, and as for making homemade beauty products or medicine, maybe I’ll get there one day, but at the moment I’m quite happy to buy the beautiful attempts that Stephen’s cousin and her swarm of 5 children whip up.

My baby sleeping tips probably aren’t going to endear you to me or either way round because they don’t seem to fit in the text book.

I want to release to you something that you can’t find anywhere else, words that God’s shown me.

So don’t get caught up trying to be the best, just be you and release your story to the world.  Let it out like a little bird and don’t worry if it doesn’t look the greatest.  Sure, it can’t be unreadable but don’t try and copy someone else.  We each have our own niche.


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