The Piglet Movie and the Prophetic

The scene flashing across the tv was crazy, hectic and of course funny, as it always is when Winnie the Pooh and his mad mob of friends are involved.  They were trying to get honey down from the tree as they often do, when the bees got angry (doesn’t that always happen?) and madly started chasing them.   Little pink Piglet quietly steps in and saves the day, but nobody sees and they each think they have done a marvellous job retrieving the honey, in fact they even tell Piglet they are sorry he didn’t get to play a part. 

What Piglet's Big Movie Taught Me About the Prophetic, Prayer and God

Ever felt like that?  When everyone around you is celebrating what an awesome job they did(n’t) do and then someone comments that you didn’t play a part when you know the whole thing would have fallen to bits if you hadn’t been there?    

Little Piglet quietly slips away helping a little bird here and a little squirrel there, and the movie proceeds to show many moments where the friends realise just how lost they would be without Piglet.

It got me thinking about the prayer, intercession and the prophetic, and how sometimes it can be a very quiet, behind the scenes ministry, that can be unrecognised, but just how important its role is in the church.

Basically the intercession and the prophetic, is God giving you a foretelling or hint of events to come in the future, for the purpose of praying about it.  When I first started learning about it at the age of 14, after my missions trip to Papua New Guinea, there are a few things that would have been really helpful to know.  

Prayer and Intercession

I’d like to share these with you in the hopes that some of you will not make the same mistakes that I have, and you’ll be quicker to jump into action than I have been on some prayer prompts.


1. Pray Big For Small Prompts

Have you ever had a little thought pass through your brain, I should pray for this person, or that person?    If you have a prompt like that, STOP, DROP, PRAY.  Especially if a few of you in a group have the same sense.   I’ve had this sense, ignored it and later found out that person made a bad life-altering decision at that time and in the same token, had that sense and prayed, and found that a crisis had been diverted.  

 One time I was driving through an intersection and had the sense I should pray for safety, but thought I would do it later at my ‘proper prayer time’.  By the time I came back through that intersection a few hours later, a man on a motorbike had been killed there.  Oh bother, doesn’t seem to be quite a strong enough expression for that one.  Let’s say I’m a bit quicker to pray and to verbalise what I’m sensing to others around me and insist we stop and pray.

More recently after giving birth to our 2nd daughter, I required surgery after tearing badly.  I had the sense I should ask my husband as they were wheeling me out to pray against an infection, but I reasoned that I was just being paranoid.  By the time I got out of surgery and back to the ward I had a full blown infection that nearly caused me to stop breathing.  The doctors were really freaking out.    My husband was able to stop them and pray for me and my heart rate and breathing immediately came back to normal.   So a few days later when I got home and had the sense to pray against a blood clot, we started commanding it to dissolve, especially after several nights of one leg cramping, and other symptoms.  Our local doctor sent me into the city for an ultrasound, but Praise God, by the time I got there all the symptoms had ceased and they could not find a clot. 

Pray big for small prompts, the power of quick prayers for big answers


2. Understanding De Ja Vu

De Ja Vu is something I really hadn’t heard of until it started frequently happening to me; the sense of having been there before and knowing what’s going to happen in a given circumstance.   The first time it happened to me, a friend told me she believed she was going to marry someone, and I said ‘I know’.    To her that confirmed it and it was very confusing to me when the whole thing fell apart.  After praying about it, God revealed to me that I had the prophetic sense that she would say that, but that it was a hint that this topic needed prayer, not that it was necessarily going to happen. 

Another example of this is when my husband was crossing a busy highway and suddenly had the sense that he had been there before and that the semi trailer that was coming was going to kill his friend. He was able to grab his friend before that happened and divert a tragedy.

An excellent article to further help understand De Ja Vu has been written by prophet Doug Addison.

3. Don’t Set Up Your Own Confirmations

Have you ever believed God had told you something or to do something that is fairly big and has ramifications for you and your family?

If it’s something you really want it can be easy to try and set up a confirmation, so that you can be terribly ‘spiritual’ and tell your friends ‘God said so and this proves it.’  I’m talking about a confirmation where you say to God ‘if X Y Z happens then I’ll know that I should do this’ but then setting it up so that it will happen unless someone actually refuses your request.   This only causes pain in the long run, trust me.    I’ve done it, and so have others I know. 

Rest assured, if God is telling you something big, like who to marry, to move overseas, or to quit your job, He will bring about His confirmations, as you quietly seek Him and others around you who have wise counsel.   It may take some time (eg years) or it may happen quickly, either way don’t tell everyone you meet what you believe He says, just a few select people you trust will pray into it and not give you their own opinion. 

intercession thrilling and fulfillingA great book that covers this topic and many others regarding prayer and intercession is one written by Joy Dawson.  Intercession Thrilling and Fulfilling has been a book that’s literally been hovering around my bedside table for about ten years, along with her book Forever Ruined for the Ordinary. 

Are there any life lessons that you’ve learnt that you wish you’d known earlier on in life? I would love to hear from you in the comments!




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  1. Love these points, especially “stop, drop, and pray.” It’s so important for us to be attentive and obedient to the nudging from Holy Spirit. When we feel like we should pray (or tell someone we will pray) it shouldn’t be something we’ll do later on. Then it rarely gets done.

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