Have You Read the Fine Print

“It’s in the fine print,” Dad would say to Mum whenever they were doing something unusual; marking lambs, drenching sheep,  taking sick children to hospital in the middle of the night something she probably didn’t expect to be doing when they got married.

It’s not in the vows at your wedding, but somehow it’s included; it’s called the fine print, and it got me thinking this morning about spiritual fine print. .Bible Study, prayer, relevation, Scripture

When we go home to heaven, are we going to look back on our spiritual journey on earth and wonder how we could have missed so many overcoming tools, and basic tools?  Will the fine print of the Bible become so glaringly obvious that we smack our heads in amazement at how thick we were on earth and how little time we took to study out the truths of the Word?

Will we look back on the days when we were so tired and realise that we could have been overcoming by declaring . . . “I will run and not grow weary, I will walk and not be faint” Isaiah 40:31b

As I sat this morning in the tiniest snippet of time, literally like 60 seconds and read John chapter 3, I wondered at the depth, the emphasis placed on baptism for Nicodemus and the revelation in the passage.  I was reading the fine print and yet there seemed to be even deeper fine print, maybe hidden in the original text, the Greek, the Hebrew?

Have you had a revelation lately of your own ‘spiritual fine print’?

I’m writing for Five Minute Friday, the word prompt JOURNEY, and so many things you can explore with that one word, and this is my story.  What does my journey look like from a different perspective?  Instead of my view, what is God’s view of my journey?    I want to be heaven-minded, rise up on wings like eagles so I can see beyond the little patch I’m standing on.


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