Sharing Passover as a Family – Day 24


Today’s article is written by Rachael Cameron, one of my husband’s cousins, mother of 6 children and homesteader.   We’ve had the fun of celebrating Passover with Rachael and her family a couple of time whether it’s been a pre planned event where she’s invited families or a spur of the moment, we’ve dropped in and they’ve been celebrating it as a family that night.

Remember, I said before that when we set up a new tradition as a family, such as sharing Holy Communion at a meal once a week,  it doesn’t always look holy and incredible at once, it’s building a house, nail by nail and board by board, that one day will be something to look back at, and a place of revelation that we live out of.


And as we’re looking at communion and the impact that it has on our lives, I thought we would also look at Passover as it is a pretty major part of the whole covenant.


This year, we’ve moved away from where Rachael and her family live and we’ll probably need to start our own family tradition.  One of the best resources I’ve found for that has been over here.


Rachael has written for me before and you can read more wisdom from her in these blogs.  9 Mums Share, How I Spend Time With God    3 Mums Share, Kids and Quiet Times


It all seemed so foreign to us Westerners who are bombarded each year with Easter and Christmas traditions and merchandise. Outside the box to remember this other date, another celebration…but one with far more meaning and symbolism than any of our Western tradition is left with.

But there we were, learning more and more about our Hebraic roots and the desire of our Awesome King to set aside these times for His feasts each year. To remember what He’s done. To teach it to our children in a tangible way. To celebrate our God around the table with others on a similar journey.

Our first Passover was easy. The fellowship we attended hosted a large gathering of Passover-keepers and we paid someone else to do all the work! A Messianic Believer was MC, explaining each tradition and piece of the puzzle to our eager ears. The unleavened bread, bitter herbs, lamb, wine and all the trimmings were taken and explained.

Another year a woman from our fellowship hosted the dinner in her tiny home, a massive effort for the single mum and her daughter. It was a special night.

In years following we went for the DIY approach, which is traditionally how Passover was kept anyway, and kept the feast in our own home. To be honest, like I said earlier, it’s hard to remember to keep it! We’re not trained to keep biblical feasts. One year we had a Hebrew calendar that helped a bit, gave us some warning. But generally, it’s a last minute realisation that Passover is only a short time away and we’re not at all ready!

If you’re looking to celebrate this year, you’ll need a Haggadah which explains the order of service, and the other things you will need for the night (can find a Haggadah  free online). That includes a leg of lamb, unleavened bread (recipes are easy and online), red wine, horseradish, parsley…your Haggadah will tell you.

As you take the opportunity to remember and be thankful for not just the exodus of the Hebrews from Egyptian slavery, but the exodus of us, God’s people, from the slavery of death, sin and the world, may you be greatly blessed!


 Shalom, Racheal Cameron


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