What Does Spiritual Soaking Look Like?

I’m lying in my walk in closet, clothes exploding out of drawers, trying hard not to focus on them, but on God; and I find that I’m sitting on a purple dinosaur that looks remarkably similar to Barney.  TRYING TO FOCUS ON GOD and His Word.  It’s not exactly a spiritual retreat, but most often it’s where I find myself at night when I’ve put my babies to bed.

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My head feels scattered and thoughts are flying crazy through my brain, the million and one thing I now want to accomplish uninterrupted.

Yet, I’m here trying to focus on God. A surrender of my time to Him, rather than my vacuuming or facebook.

In this moment, what I find most effective is what I’ve termed spiritual soaking.  A 15 minute stop and listening to worship music, praying quietly in tongues, and as revelation comes to mind, for someone.  Then I find I can focus more on God, once I’ve settled my brain.  Settled and sat at His feet in His presence.

When a chicken soaks in marinade we know it soaks up that flavour, when dishes soak in the sink it makes the scum easier to get off.   When I sit and soak in God’s presence with no particular agenda, it gives Him time to highlight to me what He wants to talk about.  Later I will crack open my Bible or the spiritual book I’m reading and absorb truth.

This is Spiritual Soaking and unlike the chicken who has to surrender to the marinade, or the dish who has to surrender to the soapy bubbles, we have a choice of how we will prioritise our time.

Let my walk speak loud

Linking up with Five Minute Friday and this weeks prompt to write for five minutes is Surrender.


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7 thoughts on “What Does Spiritual Soaking Look Like?

    1. I find that it’s in these times I get a glimpse of God’s heart for others that compels me to action, where as compelling myself to action is somewhat futile. We really do marinate in God’s heart for others.

  1. I love your description of soaking in God’s presence. It’s so important and definitely a choice we need to make to step aside from everything else and have those moments with him.

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