Stopping the Toddler Argument In it’s Tracks

“But I want to be the boss, Mummy.  I don’t know why Daddy God made you the boss.” – the 3 year old.

“Because Mummies know what is good for their toddlers, and you need to have a rest.”

“I don’t have to obey. I am not tired! I am happy!”  Pulls the corners of her mouth into a smile with her fingers and simultaneously bursts into tears.

stop the toddler argument in its tracks

It’s the whinging and whining that get to me, the pure illogical emotion, and my head feels like it’s swirling like a washing machine.  Stopping a toddler argument in it’s tracks, can be like stopping a bullet train in Japan.   It just goes round and round in circles, and saying ‘Just stop or I’ll  XYZ’ doesn’t work, she’s like a tape on repeat, until one day I just started singing to her.

She stopped and listened and forgot whatever it was she was weeping about.   It was like a reset button, and we could move on to the next thing, which may or may not have included a sleep.

When we’re arguing about obedience we sing

“O-B-E-Y, obey your Mum and Dad ~ O-B-E-Y makes them very glad

Listen to the words they say, obey your parents every day. O-B-E-Y, obey your Mum and Dad.”  (The Donut Man)

And when she’s desperately weepy and emotional she now asks me to sing

“Oh Happy Day, Happy day, You washed my sin away, Oh Happy Day, Happy day, I’ll never be the same.”   – Jesus Culture

I know that worship music resets my attitude, so why not my toddler’s too?

This certainly doesn’t mean we never have any negative emotions in our home, it just means it cuts down a little bit on the melodramatic arguments and allows us both to reset slightly.

Does this work with older kids?  I don’t know, please if someone has tried this I’d love to know, and let me know how you go with your little ones too!




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